When thinking of which roof cleaning company to hire for your Fort Lauderdale home, we seriously hope you consider M3. After all, not cleaning your roof can cause serious problems for your beloved Fort Lauderdale home. With M3, we make sure to keep our labor cost low, so we can bring in more business and help our customers to keep more money! With this method, everyone stays happy! Just in case you were considering leaving your roof dirty, let us take a look at the many important reasons to get it cleaned!

Damaged Shingles

Algae, lichens, and moss eat off of your roof’s shingles, thus causing damage. These organisms also drastically stain your roof, causing your homes appearance to sway downward. This can cause your home’s value to drop and also hurt your reputation. With this in mind, the sooner you can get your roof cleaned the better. Your red roof could be toast if you do not get it cleaned annually, so make sure to make and important investment into your home’s future. The algae and other organisms that attack your roof’s services can cause massive damage and hurt to your home. Our high quality roof cleaning supplies and services can have your roof looking better in no time, so make sure to consider us to clean you Fort Lauderdale home !

Damaged Roof Deck

Once the same organisms eat past your shingles, they hit right at the wood deck of your home. This can cause pricy, high cost damage and repairs, thus costing WAY more money than a simple roof cleaning from M3 would cost. A damaged roof can lower your home’s value and be an ugly site to look at. It could all be avoided with a simple and incredibly effective roof cleaning.  M3’s high-quality roof cleaning business has been servicing homes in Fort Lauderdale and beyond for many years. We make sure to keep your roof cleaning cost down, helping to leave your Fort Lauderdale home looking fantastic for cheap!

Canceled Home Insurance Policies

One of the scariest reasons to get your roof cleaned, is that sometime insurance companies can cancel your home-owners policy, thus leaving you and your family extremely vulnerable. This can cause huge costs in the future, so it’s best to get it done soon!  Without insurance, you can have an incredibly difficult situation on your hands. Here at M3, we definitely do not want your family to be exposed to disaster, so make sure to call us when needing a good, quality roof cleaning job for your Fort Lauderdale home. When considering the high roof cleaning cost for many roof cleaning businesses around Fort Lauderdale, M3 should be an obvious choice.

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